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Our Approach

We create lasting relationships

We expect future benefits of real estate investments to be positive returns. The return may consist of investment income, appreciation, interest and rental income

As a real estate investment company The REI Co. Is a business entity that is privately owned we find clients, help them invest in multi-family and commercial real estate and manage associated properties.

Global Reach

Creating long-term relationships and streamlining the investment process.

By the numbers


Properties Invested


in market value




Jobs created
Investing in real estate is one of the safest and most reliable investment vehicles you can find.
— Brendan Cornthwaite - Founder of The Real Estate Investment Co.
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of The REI Co.



We find clients that are interested in real estate investment and pool investor funds together to create greater buying power.



Our research team never stops researching the next area to invest and purchase real estate. For clients that are interested in investing abroad, we also monitor international markets. We have lists of properties that we have thoroughly researched that we can purchase at short notice, we try and move as quick as possible due the demand in investment properties.



When we have the funds in place we then move to purchase the property. We aim to purchase real estate with existing tenants so our clients can see a return on their investments straight away.



We provide mentoring services to our clients to explain the in and outs of real estate investment, helping you to understand the market.

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